URI Record

The NDEF URI Record is a well-known record type defined by the NFC Forum. It carries a, potentially abbreviated, UTF-8 encoded Internationalized Resource Identifier (IRI) as defined by RFC 3987. Abbreviation covers certain prefix patterns that are compactly encoded as a single octet and automatically expanded when decoding. The UriRecord class provides both access attributes for decoded IRI as well as a converted URI (if a netloc part is present in the IRI).

class UriRecord(iri='')

The UriRecord class decodes or encodes an NDEF URI Record. The UriRecord.iri attribute holds the expanded (if a valid abbreviation code was decoded) internationalized resource identifier (IRI). The UriRecord.uri attribute is a converted version of the IRI. Conversion is applied only for IRI’s that split with a netloc component. A converted URI contains only ASCII characters with an IDNA encoded netloc component and percent-encoded path, query and fragment components.

Parameters:iri (str) – initial value for the iri attribute, default ‘’

The URI Record type is urn:nfc:wkt:U.


Value of the NDEF Record ID field, an empty str if not set.


A bytes object containing the NDEF Record PAYLOAD encoded from the current attributes.


The decoded or set internationalized resource identifier, expanded if an abbreviation code was used in the record payload.


The uniform resource identifier translated from the UriRecord.iri attribute.

>>> import ndef
>>> record = ndef.UriRecord("http://www.hääyö.com/~user/")
>>> record.iri
>>> record.uri
>>> record = ndef.UriRecord("http://www.example.com")
>>> b''.join(ndef.message_encoder([record]))